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Mar 28, 2022

0:26 Different ways to diet success intro
1:45 Lori's diet update
6:51 Why Lori decided to extend her diet
12:05 Don't make decisions in an emotional state
15:45 Nick's diet update
19:03 How can you judge diet fatigue
22:24 How Nick and Lori use the app differently for diets
29:55 Moving macros diet update
39:32 Custom...

Mar 21, 2022

0:20 Tiffany Head Intro and ROMWOD

5:52 How Tiffany got into crossfit
10:35 Tiffany's diet journey, her weight loss
17:16 How Tiffany found RP and her first cut
23:30 Struggling with maintenance
30:40 What Tiffany learned when transitioning to RP
33:37 Hitting her goal weight
36:30 Having to close her gym and getting...

Mar 14, 2022

0:22 Scott and Amy Chua are back

1:50 How Amy and Scott did the in the first challenge
4:00 Whats its like to diet as a couple
8:10 What their training is like
10:45 How Scott meal preps without a normal work schedule
20:25 How they eat during maintenance
29:00 The difficulty of their 2nd diet
42:30 How did Amy eat...

Mar 7, 2022

0:43 Current state of crossfit
2:49 Are the new rules good
4:30 The new testing timeline
9:30 Nate's background
14:40 Advice to people doing the open
19:21 Workout volume during the open workouts
21:20 What to do about diet during the open
25:50 When to do body comp changes in crossfit
34:30 Supplementation for the open...