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Feb 28, 2022

0:23 Update on Lori's diet
1:44 Coach Derek Wilcox is cutting too
4:05 Review of Derek's background
7:06 How Derek transitioned out of powerlifting
10:00 How has Derek changed mindset to Planet Fitness
13:30 Prioritizing training based on goals
16:57 How do you talk to clients if they aren't getting results
19:00 Common...

Feb 21, 2022

0:30 Kara Mockler coach introduction

3:17 Kara's background
7:45 Kara's nutrition growing up
9:48 Easy nutrition tips for teenage athletes
15:10 Biggest issue with nutrition in D1 athletes
17:15 Nutrition recommendation is often based on context
20:15 Determining if you should eat snacks
24:20 Nick actually likes...

Feb 14, 2022

1:05 Nick is starting a new diet

3:45 How much weight can you expect to gain in maintenance
14:39 Breaking down motivation
23:09 Not depending on motivation alone
27:05 Mikes take on willpower
32:40 Explaining habit
42:57 Passion and identity
51:30 Mike is revolted to quitting

Feb 7, 2022

0:32 Dan a 3 year RP user

1:50 Was Dan active in his youth
2:52 What diets did Dan try
8:02 What training was Dan doing before RP
11:10 Meal prep as a firefighter
15:20 Dan first started RP with diet templates
18:02 Dan's advice about maintenance
26:00 Gaining weight due to injury
32:20 Swimming for the first time