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Jan 31, 2022

0:33 Breaking through weight loss plateaus
1:03 Why do plateaus happen?
3:23 Metabolism dropping
7:10 Options when hitting a plateau
12:00 Increasing daily activity
22:20 Decreasing food
25:49 Managing hunger
29:45 Caffeine and diet soda intake
32:43 Adjusting your goals
35:05 The newest RP cookbook

Jan 24, 2022

0:28 How Hunter became an RP coach
3:30 Hunter adapting to Montana life and weather
11:15 Hunter's struggles in highschool
15:45 Hunter's introduction to fitness
19:55 Hunter's education
24:34 How Hunter found RP
29:26 Managing lifting volume
33:45 Metabolite training
40:00 Montana hiking
42:45 Hunters coaching success...

Jan 17, 2022

0:30 Charly Joung Intro

1:30 What is Team Full ROM
5:15 Training with bad form
7:40 People with elite genetics giving bad advice
17:31 When did Charly start lifting and his powerlifting numbers
25:42 What equipment did Charly and Nick start lifting with
30:53 Charly's first bodybuilding show and dedication

Jan 10, 2022

0:45 Lori is starting a cut

4:46 Choosing when to reduce calories or do cardio
10:45 Lori noticing how much extra snacking she does impulsively
21:11 You can now change your weekly review on the RP Diet App
26:33 How to deal with disappointing scale results
32:07 What Lori is eating to start her diet
35:05 Drinking diet...

Jan 3, 2022

0:28 RP Transformation Challenge

2:05 What Nick and Lori ate over Xmas
5:59 What was Nick's favorite gift
8:06 Pitfalls of dieting in the new year
10:20 Setting realistic goals
18:23 Ways RP can help with goal setting
29:11 Recommended podcast episodes to help with diet
32:37 Transformation challenge prizes