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RP Strength Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

0:55 Intro- RP coach Collin Popp discusses holiday eating

3:18 Defining the holiday season and weight gain in this time
10:23 Weight changes during Covid
12:59 What leads to holiday weight gain, food choices vs activity level
19:55 Will working from home limit bad food temptation?
23:26 Addictive nature of holiday foods...

Nov 16, 2020

0:18 What makes people successful pt 2
1:19 Habits of success
2:47 Discipline and willpower
11:29 How Nick became a better cross country runner
13:40 Ability to delay gratification
19:28 Purpose/meaning
22:45 Meaning and achievement
30:06 Failure
34:45 Letting kids fail
46:15 Recharge
50:45 RP Diet App updates

Nov 9, 2020

0:20 What makes people successful intro

1:12 Nick's book on being successful
2:55 Outlining Nick and Lori's difficult 2020
4:47 Why the book was written
9:20 Habits of success pyramid, hard work
18:15 Internal locus of control explained
27:55 Be proactive, not reactive
30:13 Autonomy, mastery, purpose
39:44 Downsides to...

Nov 2, 2020

0:35 Nick's new book
2:30 Is it harder for females to lose weight/ build muscle?
5:50 Why are some cuts harder then others?
8:20 Intermittent fasting
10:47 Gaining confidence in the gym
16:18 Resilience
19:38 What to do during diet plateaus
23:30 Nick and Lori giving up gum
24:30 Nick giving up energy drinks

Oct 26, 2020

0:22 Z from Barbells For Boobs introduction

3:00 How Barbells For Boobs got started
10:30 State funded financial support for cancer treatment
13:20 CrossFit released a story that really launched Barbells for Boobs
16:48 Early detection programs and Obama Care
18:56 Growing a community for survivors who train