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RP Strength Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

0:13 Chad Wesley Smith intro

1:19 Chad training athletes of NFL Combine
3:08 Nick is an aggressive college football fan
6:50 Chad's audition tape for the Hornets
8:40 Chad's athletic background
14:38 Chad training world class Jiu Jitsu fighters
20:05 Chad training BJJ himself
22:30 Juggernaut AI coaching products

Aug 3, 2020

0:19 Ethan Suplee intro
1:34 Dealing with comments on social media
5:10 How Ethan got into acting
7:40 Ethan's diet history
12:22 Ethan's weirdest diets
14:43 The moment Ethan decided to change
17:42 Believing food is the problem
24:08 Identity and diet
26:01 When Ethan discovered counting macros
28:08 Ethan's obsession...

Jul 27, 2020

1:09 Mike talks living in Vegas
2:34 Day in the life of Dr. Mike
8:00 Day in the life of Lori
8:57 What is radiation like for Lori?
9:42 Day in the life of Nick
15:40 AI coaching vs human coaching
17:22 Defining AI coaching vs human coaching
20:00 AI coaching advantages
28:55 AI coaching disadvantages
39:28 Less...

Jul 20, 2020

0:45 Who is Sarah

2:15 Sarah's background
5:10 How Sarah made mindfulness a job
10:50 Avoiding fight, flight , freeze reactions
15:54 If someone is looking to learn more about mindfulness
18:34 Dealing with social media
24:30 Formal and informal mindfulness practice
29:10 Mindful fitness and mindful walking

Jul 13, 2020

0:51 Lori's experience using the RP Diet app

10:38 Can you use the RP app during pregnancy
13:03 Can you use the RP app during breastfeeding
14:21 Can you lift weights while having PCOS
15:41 Ideal length of time for fat loss diet
20:00 Diet length recommendations for PCOS
21:35 Explaining how the RP Diet app builds...