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Mar 29, 2021

0:31 Derek Wilcox lightest person to squat 1000bs
2:57 Current client success stories
8:06 Body weight may go up when waist gets smaller
13:35 How to take waist measurements properly
17:40 Why Monday morning weigh ins are different
22:06 Evaluating progress by strength gain
28:00 Water effects on weight
33:24 Water cuts...

Mar 22, 2021

0:14 Talking about maintenance
4:30 Changing goals during maintenance
6:03 How much weight gain to expect during maintenance
11:45 RP diet shows you how to eat sustainably
13:22 How does Mel recommend starting maintenance with clients
15:05 Mel's mega cheat meals
18:16 Don't choose extremely fast weight loss diets

Mar 15, 2021

1:15 How new RP clients are handling the current environment

5:28 Staying focused with diet and nutrition after goals are met
7:15 Maintenance for recovery
10:14 Addressing concerns with caloric increase after diet
14:00 The three types of goals
16:05 SMART goals
20:07 Punishment vs reinforcement
26:05 Setting diet...

Mar 8, 2021

0:21 What happens at the end of a diet
1:09 Tradeoffs at a steep caloric deficit
4:28 Why not to push through a hard diet
11:54 Managing hunger near diet end
19:29 Dealing with strength decreases
22:36 Fighting the urge to be more sedentary
25:40 Diet impact on sleep
29:37 Mood changes during hard dieting
33:55 Dieting...

Mar 1, 2021

0:30 Robert Santana introduction

4:37 Importance of a training log
6:55 Lack of resources about training in the early 2000s
12:02 The "super squats" program
13:45 How Robert found RP
19:53 Roberts early experiences with dieting
23:22 Health isn't always top priority for pro athletes
28:41 Client success stories