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Mar 2, 2020

1:18 Nate's background
3:28 how Nate found RP
9:15 Nates first diet success with RP
11:50 is maintenance harder than cutting
14:20 weighing food vs estimating, best ways to track for your goals
18:01 common RP client struggles- food volume
21:08 preconceived notions about carbs
25:09 overcoming skepticism of the RP diet
26:40 RP clients at the cross-fit games
29:10 dieting for sustainability
33:03 Nate's research
39:13 trend of group exercise classes
43:30 Nate's relationship with the cross-fit organization
46:46 training intensity for general public
50:49 how cross-fit workouts are rated within RP App
55:32 favorite client experience