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Dec 31, 2019

We pick Dr. Spencer Nadolsky's brain on hypothyroid, PCOS, and nutrition needs for nursing moms.

0:47 Dr. Spencer's background
3:32 the life of being a D1 athlete
5:27 explaining the difference between a D.O. and a M.D.
7:55 what lead Dr. Spencer to using fitness as medicine
11:30 how Dr. Spencer is helping people with RP
12:56 what is RP hypothyroidism templates
17:30 difference between hypothyroidism templates and regular templates
21:21 will lifestyle changes improve hypothyroidism
25:50 issues with chronic dieting
27:24 metabolic adaptations relating to dieting
31:24 what is PCOS, how does it affect dieting
35:09 Dr. Spencer on dairy
38:45 New dieting templates for breast feeding moms
43:25 Dr. Spencer on the simple diet templates
52:37 Dr. Spencer the scientific principal meme master
58:13 where can you find Dr. Spencer

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