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May 11, 2020

1:08 How Mattie is handling quarantine
2:23 How she got into weightlifting
8:34 What made her leave CrossFit
10:42 Mattie struggled with cutting for her old weight class
13:00 Pros and cons of cutting
17:33 Female perspective on massing
20:30 Adapting lifts to weight gain
24:42 Normal day of training for Mattie
29:38 What it's like to do Olympic training at home
34:25 How does Mattie get motivated on bad days
39:52 How she deals with nutrition motivation
43:25 What has happened to the competition schedule
49:55 Mattie's favorite quarantine meal
51:30 Mattie's favorite quarantine takeout
53:03 Mattie's favorite quarantine show
54:23 Any new quarantine hobbies
56:01 First thing you want to do after quarantine