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Sep 28, 2020

0:19 Dr. Collin Popp intro, PhD in nutrition, RP coach

1:58 Collin's background
4:50 Collin's Paleo diet study
7:00 Diets and adherence
11:38 Collin's research at NYU
12:48 Meal tracking methods
16:38 Self reporting inaccuracy
22:58 Over obsession with exact macro counting
25:37 Future plans to study RP app data
27:06 Collin started training with magazine workouts then moved to CrossFit
29:41 Diet coaching CrossFit athletes
31:42 Being carb-phobic, and carb intake recommendations
42:42 Collin on the 2020 Covid CrossFit qualifying
44:04 Going from diet to maintenance
48:15 Are small diet breaks a long term strategy
54:16 Weight loss maintenance weight gain
55:40 Intermittent fasting research
1:01:14 Eating breakfast weight loss study
1:03:30 Favorite client stories
1:06:30 RP client FB group support system